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iQuties – Twist & Flip Puzzle Dog Toy

Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $9.99.

This Iquties Active Training Paw Hide is a great way to stimulate your pet, offering an interactive way of gaining their treats. With anti-slip pads at the base, the toy will not move around the room, allowing your dog to figure out the puzzle and gain the rewards.

Perfect for dogs who suffer from boredom or separation anxiety, this toy has 7 cups which will reveal treats when they have been conquered. It can also be used as a way to feed your dog their main meals, ideal for making them eat at a slower pace.


A treat based toy
Stimulating design
Anti-slip pads at the base
Great for boredom and separation anxiety
Can be used as a slow feeder at meal times
iQuties interactive puzzle dog toys provide fun physical and mental stimulation for your dog. Using challenging toys will help to exercise your dog’s mind; reducing boredom and teaching problem-solving skills. Redirecting potential destructive behaviour into a positive outlet.

Training your pet to learn sequential steps, this advanced interactive puzzle toy requires dogs to first spin layer 1 and then flip the chamber lid underneath. The toy features anti-slip pads at the base of the toy. Use your pet’s favourite, smelliest treat to get them excited to play and learn


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