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Royal and Langnickel Sketching Travel Easel Set

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $39.99.

Includes a fully adjustable table top easel with a useful built in drawer. Also includes a handy canvas carry bag. All of the products included are premium quality and are sure to give excellent results+H10.

When finished with, the drawer slides back into the easel and is held in place with a fastener, the easel folds flat, and then it all fits inside the canvas carry bag as supplied.

Royal and Langnickel is a great, well respected art brand that provides fantastic art supplies year after year.

. Set includes: 1 Easel, 3 x 10x8in Artist Boards, 12 Graphite Pencils, 3 Charc+H10oal Pencils, 4 Pastel Pencils, 4 Charcoal Vines, 1 Sandpaper Block, 2 Erasers (kneaded and white), 1 Blending Stump, 1 Duo Sharpener, 6 Lead Sticks, 6 Charcoal Sticks, 1 Artist Apron and 1 Storage Bag
Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists


A fabulous set for those who have a bit of a creative flair and like to produce fabulous masterpieces, this Royal and Langnickel Sketching Travel Easel Set is an amazing choice. This set provides everything you need to start your art adventure. Ideal for both beginners and experienced artists.

This fantastic sketching travel easel set includes:
1 Easel
3 x 10x8in Artist Boards
12 Graphite Pencils
3 Charcoal Pencils
4 Pastel Pencils
4 Charcoal Vines
1 Sandpaper Block
2 Erasers (kneaded and white)
1 Blending Stump
1 Duo Sharpener
6 Lead Sticks
6 Charcoal Sticks
1 Artist Apron
1 Storage Bag


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