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Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers

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Ancol Ergo Cat Nail Clippers are easy to use scissor action trimmers for your cat’s nails. They are safe, accurate and have a comfortable, anti-slip handle.

Especially designed for cats that dont have alot of regular outdoor activities


The Ancol Ergo Nail Clipper is designed to help you trim a cat’s claws comfortably and safety. The clipper has a comfortable non-slip handle and a semi-circular groove in the blade to help you check that the correct amount of claw is being removed. Cats should be comfortable and relaxed before having their claws trimmed. It is recommended that only the very end of the claw is cut to avoid cutting the quick. Long nails should be trimmed slightly every few days to encourage the quick to recede naturally. It is advisable to seek advice from a vet or groomer before trimming a cat’s claws for the first time, to gain expertise and be confident that you can trim your cat’s claws safely.


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